Cloak and Dagger: Sabbat Chronicle

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Daily or every 2 days at most
Type: Vampire: The Masquerade
Last-Update: 2013Jul08
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, vampire, modern, rpg


This game is set in the fictional city of Gotham, New Jersey. Gotham is the second largest city in the United States of America, next in line only to the big apple itself, New York City. It is located right smack dab between Atlantic City and New York city, a mere 30-40 kms in distance from both. A long time solid Camarilla stronghold, the powers that be in the Sabbat have deemed it the right time to strike hard into this urban center. A wide spread call out to all packs in America (and beyond) has been launched in order to raise enough vampire power for the coming offensive. Through various subtle channels, Cardinal Polonia of the Eastern United States territory has summoned all packs within his own territory to join this glorious crusade. Nomadic packs are also invited to volunteer their support in the coming offensive.

Players will be taking on the roles of vampires in one of the many Sabbat packs that intend on wreaking havoc inside Gotham City.

The name and nature of this pack will be totally up to the players. The pack can located inside the Eastern USA or come from outside, this can be decided later. Quite frankly, I'm not a big fan of forcing characters to band together like they've known each other for decades. For the sake of pack and game chemistry, once I have received all players (with their characters approved), the positions within the pack can be distributed through talks afterwards (we can take a vote on who gets what). Same thing goes for deciding on the name and theme of the pack. Also, depending on each character's history, we can decide when and where your character came into the pack's ranks. You, as the player, can also decide on how much information from your past and present that you want your fellow pack members to know... I'm a huge fan of dirty secrets and shady pasts. I think this way works best to give a more organic, real feel for the pack instead of me being the ham fisted GM and just giving you the pack's mechanics. I want players to feel like they've created their own little group.

In terms of character creation, players should respect the standard neonate creation rules as outlined in the books. I'm open to little extra, and I'm not going to be a stickler because your character sheet goes over the limit a bit in freebie points. You will probably find me to be the most flexible and liberal GM in town: I'm open to anything from any of the WOD books, just as long as the character makes sense in the general WOD universe. Again, I don't mind a little extra in terms of stats for your character, but the character should feel like a living, believable denizen of the night. You must fill out a character biography (describing his/her/it's? living and undead history) and a character personality profile. I want to know your character inside and out.

Another thing, I don't want cheese-whiz characters; I don't want super soldiers and former full time ninjas and decorated ex-Navy Seals with degrees in neurology and chemistry. That being said, I understand that this is the Sabbat, so naturally characters are going to veer towards the martial and violent. That's okay, but I don't want characters that come off as something from the Expendables movies or some crappy TV series.

As can be imagined, this game will be more combat heavy than your typical VTM chronicle. However, combat will not be trivialized. Getting involved in gun fights or mortal combat with the enemy will entail the same risks that the rules imply. You should be aware that I'm not in the habit of fudging dice rolls or saving characters from the consequences of the actions they've decided to take. Players should use their brains, and if their characters have no brains, they should use the brains of the cagier vamps in their pack. Be warned: I do not hold your hand and safely whisk you off to scene after scene. You make the decisions and live (or die) with the ramifications.

Player characters can die (and probably will) during the campaign to take Gotham City. The city will be a tough nut to crack and Sabbat packs will be operating behind enemy lines. If that happens, I'm always open to the option of the player creating another character that we can somehow shoe-horn back into the chronicle at some point.

For your information, Gotham City is THE Gotham City from the Batman/DC universe... minus the Batman and all the colourful characters that populate his world. I didn't feel like picking a real city and was too lazy to invent one from scratch. However, this is the same dark, brooding and sprawling Gotham from the first Batman movie (with Michael Keaton). I hope this gives you an idea of the feel that I'm going for with this.

Regarding turnover rates, I should be able to respond to players every day or at the very least every second day. I expect the same from players in terms of activity. I'm also open to some live action RP'ing via MSN or some other chat program, but only if we can gather all the players at the same time. I am located in the Eastern time zone.

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