USS Redemption

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Last-Update: 2013Jul06
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In the decade since the Dominion War tore United Federation of Planets asunder it has sought to recover so much of what it had lost. The very soul of the Federation began to get lost as Starfleet did everything it could to merely survive.

Over the past decade the state of affairs in the galaxy has slowly gotten back to normal. Starfleet has reinforced its Task Forces and maintains a presence in all 4 quadrants. Starships are slowly being pulled from patrol and assigned to exploratory duties. Starships leaving the fleet yards are geared towards exploring strange new worlds.

Starfleet has began its path to redemption.

As one of the first ships fully constructed after the War the USS Redemption is filled to the brim with the latest scientific technology. She is assigned to the 4th Fleet's Task Force 93 in the Raeyen Sector as Starfleet begins to redeploy in the region. Her mission is to not only to signal a strong Starfleet presence in the sector but to monitor activity on the Romulan and Klingon borders of the Raeyan Transit Corridor.

The Romulans may have gone silent and hidden behind their borders but they are hardly gone. The Klingons will not be content to simply sit by let the happenings of the galaxy go by. The Empire will surely make moves to grow again. On top of it all the vast expanse of unexplored space in the Beta Quadrant is calling.

There is much to do in the coming months and years but we stand ready to meet the challenge ahead.

Redemption's path is a long one indeed. Will you walk it with us?

We are a play by NOVA simulation in Task Force 93 of Bravo Fleet. We are always looking for more players and hope to see you soon!


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