United Nations Roleplay

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Costs: Free
Email: popeye.dole@mail.com
URL: http://unitednationsroleplay.prophpbb.com/ [ dead link ]
Type: international politics, diplomacy, simulation,
Last-Update: 2013Jun13
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


The world of international relations and diplomacy is cut throat, exciting and often deadly. And at the heart of it all is the United Nations. With that in mind, welcome to United Nations Roleplay, (UNRP) a fun, interesting and exciting UN political simulation. In the game, you choose a nation to represent at the UN. Alongside this you'll have complete control over your nation's domestic, economic, social and foreign policy and all of it's decisions. In effect you control an entire real life nation.

Will you play it safe, take the easy path and stick to the real life policies of your country. Or will you change the face of history by running the country the way you think it should be done. Maybe you'll become a UN power or even withdraw from the UN entirely. From trade talks to new, unthinkable alliances to war it's all up to you, with the UN the centre stage. Where will your leadership take your nation? UN security council condemnation or new superpower status?

UNRP balances realism and fun to create an excellent, exciting game for players. So why not sign up today, as the nation of your choice and join in this fun, very real, exciting and interesting international diplomatic and political simulation game.


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