Lords of the Earth - Campaign 24

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Costs: $5 per turn
Frequency: 4-6 weeks
Email: lords24gm@YMAIL.com
URL: http://lords.throneworld.com/lote24/index.html
Type: Historical/Strategic
Last-Update: 2013Jun08
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, mixed, historical, wargame, economic


Lords of the Earth 24 is currently the only game of the genre still running with regular turns.

This excellent game was developed by Thomas Harlan et al - here's some blurb from the Throneworld website

LOTE is a play-by-email war game. Basically, you're the king or queen of a medieval (or Renaissance or Classical or Fantasy) nation and struggle to better your own realm, usually at the expense of other nations (and players). This is a turns-based game, so you have to wait for your results, fretting and biting your nails. In all of the campaigns, players control nations, religious orders or primacies, merchant houses or secret societies struggling to survive, expand and overthrow their enemies. Play is handled in turns, where the players submit orders to the Game Master, then receive results in the form of a newsfax (newsletter) and a stat sheet (which describes their position after the results of the turn).

You can find more information here http://www.throneworld.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Lords_of_the_Earth.

Lords of the Earth 24 is run in three regions, The West (which includes Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the East (India, China and the rest of Asia) and the Americas. Players can play in more than one region as turns take about 4-6 weeks per region to process


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