3.5 DandD Against the Shadovar

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Type: 3.5 D&D Fantasy
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Against the Shadovar

Cormyr in the Year of Lightning Storms (DR 1374). The realm still smarted under the loss of King Azoun IV a few years before and the reappearance of the City of Shade, not far from their northern border. The tragic loss of the city of Tilverton and the forces of the Elven crusade and the demons of the Fey'ri of House Dlardrageth locked in a life or death struggle. Even in the face of such trying times, many sense an even darker threat looming in the shadows.

A secret hope lurks in darkness as well. Arliss Mysteran, loremaster, in the service of the Church of Mystra has found evidence of an ancient power buried in the depths of the Farsea Swamp, north of Stormhorns. From the stronghold in the hamlet of Huthduth, Mysteran sends out a call for adventurers - Sellswords and Freestaves, mercenaries and those who give of themselves freely to protect the realms. In the depths of the swamps, through bandits, beasts and worse lies a secret destined to either resue or ruin the realms. Will you answer the call?

Against the Shadovar is a 3.5 D&D campaign starting in Cormyr, leading to a confrontation with Shades in the city of Thultanthar. Character start at 5th level, 9000 gp equipment, maximum hit points, all Characteristics at 8 plus 36 points to spend, most all standard race and classes accepted with DM approval.

E-mail Jason Gackle at schneebrunser@yahoo.com or go to againsttheshadovar@yahoogroups.de to join the game or find out more.


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