Battleground America

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Type: Alternate History
Last-Update: 2013Mar28
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In the midst of a world that continues to be plagued by terrorism and conflict, the current American president's second term is ending and the popular president is preparing for a quiet retirement that he will spend with his family.

The battle to succeed the current president is heating up into the most fiercely contested presidential election in American history. Who will lead a bitterly divided country over the next four years? And just how will the U.S. head in?

As the presidential campaign drags on with two weak and unpopular candidates and a national campaign to repeal the constitutional two-term limit on presidents so an American president can serve longer than two terms, thereby allowing the current president to remain in the White House, Reverend Nehemiah Scudder, a powerful television evangelist who is the leader of the nation's most powerful megachurch with millions of faithful followers, forms a new political party. The new part's name is the True America Party. Reverend Scudder declares his candidacy for President of the United States and gains instant popularity.

Calling his campaign "The Great Crusade", Reverend Scudder goes on to win the election and is elected President of the United States. He is sworn in on January 21, 2013. Meanwhile, the TAP takes control of the House and Senate and the governments of all fifty states, with the new Congressmen and Senators being sworn in around the same time.

Following his inauguration, President Scudder makes some changes. He abolishes the Constitution, abolishes the House and Senate, reorganizes the nation's law-enforcement and the Armed Forces, eliminates separation of Church and State, destroys or sends other religions into exile, and transforms his megachurch into a national religion that he integrates with the government.

President Scudder replaces the American democracy with a theocratic dictatorship. He establishes the Church Army, the Church Navy, the Church Air Force, and the Church Strategic Rocket Defense Force, which takes charge of the American nuclear arsenal. He establishes a brutal Secret Police force called "The Guardians of the Faith" and his own personal security force called "The Angels of the Church".

President Scudder builds a new capital city for himself called "New Rome" and he proclaims himself "The Prophet".

The American people support the new theocracy and the new Prophet who leads it. But not everybody supports the new regime. A small number of Americans suspect that the new regime has a sinister agenda and are determined to expose and overthrow it. These people form an underground resistance movement called "The Resistance".

The Resistance is led by a young Greek-American woman. She is a beautiful, tough woman who has a do-or-die attitude, knows how to survive in the outdoors, rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, owns a big dog, and has a potty mouth. Once formed, the Resistance begins the fight against the Church and war breaks out!

The Resistance has allies who fight alongside it against the Church including the Church of Artificial Intelligence, an unusual cult that worships artificial intelligence, the Church of the New Revelation, a group of devout Christians who broke off from The Church, the Enigma Babylon One World Faith, a group seeking to establish a world religion, the Jewish Alliance, an American Jewish group, the Seventh Day Army, a Seventh-Day Adventist paramilitary force, the Mormon Battalion, the modern-day version of the nineteenth-century Mormon Battalion, Klymaxx, an all-female paramilitary force consisting of immigrants from African countries, the Alo Family, a New York City crime family, the Mount Washington Boys, an armed force of Army veterans from New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and other parts of the Northeast, La Fuerza, a Latino gang from Texas, the Diablo Familia, a Los Angeles street gang, the Angels of Fire, a motorcycle gang, and The Rocketeers, a squadron of stunt pilots. The Amish also side with the Resistance.

The Resistance is also aided by The Fifth Column, a group within the Church that doesn't believe in what the Prophet is doing.

The battle for America begins. Join the fight! To join: send a character biography to

Available Positions:

1. Resistance Leader 2. Resistance Fighter 3. Church of Artificial Intelligence Leader 4. Church of Artificial Intelligence Fighter 5. Church of the New Revelation Leader 6. Church of the New Revelation Fighter 7. Enigma Babylon One World Faith Leader 8. Enigma Babylon One World Faith Fighter 9. Jewish Alliance Soldier 10. Seventh Day Army Soldier 11. Mormon Battalion Soldier 12. Klymaxx Fighter 13. Alo Family Character 12. Member of The Mount Washington Boys 13. La Fuerza Gang Member 14. Diablo Familia Gang Member 15. Angels of Fire Member 16. Rocketeer Pilot 17. Amish Resistance Fighter 18. Church Official 19. Church State Governor 20. Church City Mayor 21. Church Army Character 22. Church Navy Character 23. Church Air Force Character 24. Church Strategic Rocket Defense Forces Character 25. Guardians of the Faith Character 26. Angels of the Church Character

"Battleground America" is based on the novel "Revolt In 2100" by Robert A. Heinlein. Since Mr. Heinlein didn't use Nehemiah Scudder as a character and kept him a background character, we will not use hum and we'll keep him a background character. Scudder will be used in speeches, TV appearances, etc., but he will not be used beyond being a background character. The story will focus on our characters and NPCs.

But if somebody wants to play Scudder, let me know and we'll see what ideas that person has.


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