Champions Endgame

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Costs: free
Frequency: frequent - up to daily
Type: superhero
Last-Update: 2013Mar09
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Champions pbem - Endgame

Following the moral imperative of the pre-emptive attack of the United States on the nation of Iraq in 2003 and the justification of the Drone War in the Middle East, the Shadow Cabinet behind UNTIL in conjunction with the President and both houses of Congress have determined that Supervillains constitute the greatest danger to the United States. To that end, hundreds of billions of dollars of resources have been poured into the standing branches of the American police force dealing with super powered criminals and crimes and 194 warrants have been issued for the arrest and detention of the entire roster of known super powered criminals who are active in the US or have perpetrated crimes against the United States in the past. Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt - Secretary Marshall of UNTIL has taken the task to heart and has sworn that every resource will be mobilized to put an end to the Supervillain threat.

Champions - Endgame is a campaign for Standard level superheroes:

base 200 + 150 max from 1 category of disadvantages is 50.

10-40 CHA 3-8 SPD CV 7-13 DC 6-14 active Points 40-80 Skill points 25-80 skill roll 11-15 Def/rDef 20/10

Players will be authorized and empowered to hunt down and capture dozens of supervillains from the Champions Universe. Setting is modern day, tone is shades of grey to gritty. The players will traverse the country and different parts of the globe hunting down their prey. Each will be allowed free reign which villain to target and assisted by UNTIL and PRIMUS special units.

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