Starbase 409: Koliada

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Costs: Free.
Frequency: One duty log per week.
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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2013Mar04
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=/\= Begin Transmission =/\=

Welcome to Starbase 409, fondly called Koliada. Posted on the eastern edge of the Beta Quadrant, life is never dull at the Federation's furthest outpost between Romulan and Klingon territories - especially in the years immediately following the Dominion War. Starbase 409 fills a unique need in the sector and is not only a Federation Outpost but also a colony for the Matkan people. In orbit around Mara, Koliada replaced an orbital city that was built by the Matkan almost a century ago that was destroyed during the Romulan Occupation. Starfleet stepped in to provide an outpost for Federation interests in the sector and a home for the surviving Matkan.

Koliada is neither home to hundreds of thousands of individuals nor equipped with the defenses of a tactical fleet. Starbase 409 is a Gabia class star base. Measuring over 340 meters in height, she has 70 decks and is separated into three sections an upper ring, the core and a lower ring. With an emergency capacity of 26,520 she has a regular crew and civilian compliment of almost 8,500 people.

The base is under Federation command but houses the Matkan Civilian Government, which establishes security and guidelines for civilians both on the base and the planet below her. Koliada's position in between Romulan and Klingon space is extremely strategic for the Federation and a necessity safeguard for the Matkan people, but above all she is home.

-Commander Lelya Ponor

=/\=OOC Information =/\=

Junior Level positions open in every department.

We have a very talented crew and are looking for SIMmers who want to engage in exciting plots at a high caliber of play. Crew formed at start of 2013 - between department heads and command team we have over 50 years of Star Trek SIMming experience! We use Nova for SIM management.

- All SIMmers must write one quality duty log per week. - Our SIMming week ends at 2359 EST on Sunday. - Crewmembers are responsible for maintaining an up to date biography on the SIM website.

=/\= End Transmission =/\=

Commander Lelya Ponor Commanding Officer Starbase 409: Koliada


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