USS Aeon

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Frequency: Twice per month
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek Nova Sim
Last-Update: 2013Jan15
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, startrek, rpg


The USS Aeon is a newly formed unique and independent Star Trek Nova-based sim set on board a Luna class vessel in the year 2389. Following the destruction of Romulus, the galaxy is on edge as diplomatic tensions rise between the major factions of the Alpha and Beta quadrant, and the Romulan empire nears civil war.

Here's what makes us unique and different: - Fleet-less; we are not part of a larger fleet meaning that we are not bound by their rules, regulations and manner of play; we make our own rules up - The rules we do have provide for a relaxed environment, there are posting requirements but they are small (twice a month) as we all have real lives and we rely on our dedication and desire to Sim, rather than pushing people to Sim - Ability to design your own crew member, right down to a unique species; that's right, if you want your own species we have an additional form you can fill out to add your species to the Star Trek universe (Command-staff approval required) - Ability to design your own missions; we will often encourage mission ideas from our crew, so you can have a go at leading a story without having the extra weight from being a command officer - Highly dedicated; as can be seen by our style of writing and our custom made Nova skin, we are dedicated to providing a highly professional and above all fun experience for players on the Sim

In our first mission, the Aeon is ordered to escort Commodore Bel Moroi to Starbase 244 along the Romulan neutral zone. Bel is an eccentric officer listed to be placed in command of Starship's along the Federation/Romulan border in that sector (including the Aeon). However, when the Aeon detect's an unknown signal from a previously considered deserted planet deep within Federation territory, the ship is diverted off course to investigate.

So why not join today! We are looking for a wide range of positions including Chief Operations Officer, Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Science Officer. Feel free to take a look at our other positions on the site and I hope to see you soon in person!

Captain Estrad Dagan USS Aeon IRC: #ussaeon


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