Surviving Mars

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Costs: None
Frequency: min once per 2 week
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Type: Sci-Fi Survival
Last-Update: 2013Jan06
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, rpg, abstract


The year is 2134 and humanity has outgrown Earth. They must now look to the rest of the solar system to house their growing numbers. With this in mind new agency has been formed called the Mars Colony Brueau (MCB), a multi-national body who's goal was founding a thriving colony on Mars. It took two decades and several maned missions to prepare, using the most advanced technology mankind had to build the Solar Wind, the first Mars colony ship.

Designed to land on Mars, the Solar Wind would become both a terraforming base and home for the new colonist. To give it the best possible chance the colony ship was loaded with some of the best technology on Earth, including its most compact A.I. GENISIS, to pilot the ship whilst the crew slept away the 300 day journey time in cryo-sleep.

You are a member of this crew, selected to come to the new colony for your skills and intelligence. You have been sleeping out your journey in cryo, and now it is time to wake and begin the pioneering task of colonizing Mars.

But as you wake you realize something is wrong. The deck beneath your pod is shaking, you can hear screams from other cabins accompanied by the noise of distant explosions. Something has gone horribly wrong, for the Solar Wind is not landing.

It is falling.


This is Surviving Mars, a survival RP where you play the survivors of the Solar Wind, marooned on distant Mars with well over one year to wait for rescue. There are not many who survived the fall or the impact, now waking up in the few sections of the ship that are still relatively intact. It is up to you now to survive long enough to be rescued, and you will need all your char's skills to make it that far

The technology of the universe is on a par with that of Ridley Scott's Alien series, minus the galactic starships and human looking androids. They also use holographic displays, thrown in for variety.

What happens next is up to the players, there's is no fixed plot, just action an reaction in an effort to stay alive, for all that matters is one question.

Will you survive Mars?


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