SS Mary Rose

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Frequency: One per two weeks
Type: Star Trek, space horror
Last-Update: 2012Dec21
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, computer, fantasy, startrek, rpg, abstract


Tired of just serving on another ship in the fleet?

Looking for something different?

Are you looking to break some rules, or maybe for a darker game? Have you ever wanted to be the smuggler, chased by Klingons and Starfleet, or to be the civilian salvage team of a derelict; to see what happens when things go wrong to the nth degree?

Then the SS Mary Rose is the place for you. We are a close-knit community of simmers both new and old, attached to Obsidian Fleet's Independent Fleet, simming for a civilian vessel.

We are currently accepting applications for all positions, including:

- Quartermaster - Chief Engineer - Head of Ship Security - Doctor - Priest - Technician - Scientist - Accountant

And more, no experience is required!

Based in the prime reality, set after the destruction of Romulus, the SS Mary Rose is an old Constitution Class vessel with a long and dark history of death and loss. She is said to be cursed and to have lost every crew which has ever manned her. Now her latest captain has taken up her wheel and is preparing to set off into regions unknown for work which is both dangerous and profitable. Who will join him, and discover the dark mysteries which have claimed so many lives?

Who will become a thorn of the Mary's Rose?


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