Starbase 80

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One post per week
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Type: Star Trek Sim
Last-Update: 2012Nov12
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The year is 2389, two years after the destruction of Romulas and Remus. Starbase 80, assigned to Obsidian Fleet's 47th Task Force, is in a prime location to launch and coordinate relief missions into Romulan space being only two parsecs from both Romulan and Klingon space. Tensions with the Klingon Empire grow as skirmishes between Klingon Houses and Starfleet vessels take place along the Romulan Klingon border.

Facing Klingons on one side and offering aid to the Romulans on the other Starbase 80 is in the line of fire and is always a hub of activity with ships coming and going day and night. The threat of attack from the angry Klingon Houses is a constant looming possibility. There's always something to be done and a threat to watch for. Starbase 80 needs a dedicated and proficient crew to be vigilant and get the work done!

Can you face the Klingon threat and do your humanitarian duty for the Romulan victims? Can you set aside your preconceptions and prejudices and help an old enemy? Can you stand up and do the right thing regardless of pressure to do otherwise? If you think you have what it takes join today!

Starbase 80 is a play by Nova group set in the Prime Star Trek Universe, in the year 2389. We have a very welcoming group of players aboard that are very interactive and will help you get into the story very quickly. If you ever find yourself needing ideas or someone to do a joint post with you'll never have to look far. I think you'll like the atmosphere here at Starbase 80 so check out the website and join us.


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