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Email: johnmunch@q.com
Type: Comedy/Adventure/Drama
Last-Update: 2012Oct27
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


When their mother dies of a terminal illness, four children from Minneapolis, Minnesota are placed in Thompson Hall, a children's home that is run by a strict, no-nonsense nurse with a horrible temper until they can be placed in foster homes.

Determined not to be split up by a judge and a welfare system that they think have no sense of the importance of family and family bonds, the children escape from the children's home and set out on a cross-country journey from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Los Angeles, California, to find their father, who abandoned them four years previously. At last report, the children's father was in Southern California somewhere. But in order to find their father, they must first find their wealthy uncle, who is a pilot and a Beverly Hills businessman, who may know the whereabouts of the children's father.

As the children make their way to Southern California, they encounter adventure, danger, some rather rotten people, and friendship, and do some illegal things which gets them into trouble, while being pursued by a Minneapolis police detective, a child welfare worker, various law-enforcement agencies, and the FBI.

Unbeknownst to the kids, their uncle learns of their escape and cross-country journey and sets out to intercept his nieces and nephews, and gets into some dicey situations himself.

Into this crazy series of events comes a young schoolteacher who is on vacation who will help the kids, bring a family together, and find love!

Join the adventure!

Available positions:

1. One of the four kids-create both male and female characters, please 2. Minneapolis police detective 3. Child welfare worker 4. Police officer 5. FBI agent 6. Schoolteacher 7. Other characters

To join: send character bios to the GM at johnmunch@q.com


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