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Costs: $10 one-time cost
Frequency: Rate adjusts automatically with party pseed
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Cooperative fantasy RPG
Last-Update: 2012Sep11
Keywords: free-moderation, closed-ended, www, computer, fantasy, rpg


The world beyond has fallen into darkness. Even in the Conclave our dreams have forsaken us. Will you help turn the tide?

Join up to three friends in the RPG you can play anytime you're on the web.

We've designed Conclave to have all our favorite aspects of multiplayer roleplaying games:

* Customizable character archetypes with distinct playstyles * Party-based cooperative play * Tactical turn-based combat * Group decision-making with real and varied consequences * A compelling story in an original, fully-realized fantasy world * A great aesthetic

At the same time, we've used technology to eliminate many of the hurdles and be respectful of your time:

* Play from any device with a web browser: Because Conclave requires only HTML5 and JavaScript, you can play from just about anything with an internet connection: a desktop or laptop, an iPad or other tablet, even a smartphone. * Seamlessly transition between synchronous and asynchronous play: If you're online at the same time as other players in your party, you can take turns in realtime; if not, you can take turns whenever you have a free moment, Words With Friends-style. * Review what happened at any point in time: We save every action taken in the game on our servers so that you can catch up easily if you're away for a bit. You can also review past events for hints on how to tackle current challenges. * Easy party formation and communication: Invite your friends or visit the Adventurers Hall to find other players. Each party has a persistent and private in-game chat, and the game will email updates when you're playing asynchronously.


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