Justice For All

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Costs: Free
Email: sharlene79@mindspring.com [ok]
Frequency: 3-5 per week to Daily
URL: https://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/jfa2012/info
Type: Superhero
Last-Update: 2012Aug26
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg, abstract


This game is based mainly on the movie named Kick Ass, and very loosely on the start of the TV series Heroes. The movie Kick Ass was about a world of superheroes with no powers. They were just vigilantes in costumes. Heroes, for those who haven't watched the series was about the emergence of humans with extraordinary abilities.

It is time for the first REAL superheroes to make an appearance. Most aren't even aware there is anything about them that is extraordinary. Some of them are already taking up the call of justice, their abilities not even active or obvious.

There will only be three active Canon characters in the game: Kick Ass, Hit Girl, and Red Mist. Two of these are retired. All other characters MUST be original material.

Characters must be very well designed, motivated, and role-played. Powers and their origins must make sense. All PC's MUST live by a heroic code. This means that there is a line that must never be crossed - harming innocents. It is one thing to shoot a hardened criminal. Vigilantes must limit the punishments they deal out to fit the crimes. Decent writing skills and commitment to participation are musts. This game will be rated R. (Fade to Black rules enforced for adult situations.)

You may email submissions to us at sharlene79@mindspring.com however, you will get a spamblock message; just follow up with a security request. Players must have an approved character prior being accepted to the group site.


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