SeaQuest DSV-An RPG Reboot of the TV Series "SeaQuest DSV"

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Type: Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2012Jul31
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


"The 22nd century: mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on Earth; the ocean. As captain of the seaQuest and its crew, we are its guardians, for beneath the surface lies the future."

2012. A massive asteroid strikes Earth, hitting in the Indian Ocean and causing worldwide devastation. The atmosphere is clouded with dust. This disaster leads to a new ice age, which causes human civilization to collapse. Humanity is devastated and reverts to a savage state. Humans live either as armed, maurauding nomads or in technologically-advanced tribes armed with deadly weapons, including nuclear weapons. Barbarians also appear. Wars break out between these tribes and barbarians attack the tribes. This period of time is called "The Great Frozen Horror". In Mexico, a small group of scientists, engineers, and others is working to rebuild civilization and keep technology advancing.

2061. An evil worldwide organization called "The Optimum" is founded by a post0apocalyptic dictator named General Adrick Thorsen and conquers the entire world, forcing the human tribes to form a worldwide alliance to fight The Optimum. A global conflict called "The War" breaks out and lasts thirty years, resulting in the defeat of The Optimum in The Battle of Athens, which takes place in Greece. General Thorsen is captured, but he escapes and disappears, never to be seen again.

2104. The New Ice Age ends as the global climate rapidly warms, the worldwide winter storms end, and the seas, which lowered during The New Ice Age, slowly return to their normal levels. Mankind gets to work building a new human civilization.

2136. A new human civilization has emerged, but is different from the last one. Due to natural resources on land being limited due to the New Ice Age, mankind has colonized the world's oceans, building colonies and industrial facilities. The concept of the "nation-state" is a thing of the past. Nations are replaced by "confederations", which exist on both land and under the sea. These confederations quickly claim territory and establish military forces to defend themselves, leading to armed conflict over territory, resources, etc. Humans have also experienced a strange evolutionary transformation into a water-based species of man called "The Aquatic Ape" who live in lakes, rivers, and oceans. The Aquatic Apes view themselves as the successors to homo sapiens and are out to destroy them.

Humans now have long life-spans of up to 3,000 years and human science and technology is advancing rapidly. The global economy changes as money is abolished and a knowledge-based economy is established.

War breaks out between the confederations in 2143 and ends with the signing of a global peace treaty in 2147. The United Earth Oceans Organization is founded. The UEO Grand Fleet is founded a year later. Its purpose is peaceful exploration, scientific research, and peacekeeping. While UEO vessels are equipped with powerful weaponry, their purpose is defensive. The UEO prefers to resolve crises diplomatically and only go to war as a last resort.

Threats do exist, however. Renegade confederations, the Aquatic Apes, greedy corporations, and undersea crime syndicates pose the greatest threats. To conduct peaceful exploration, scientific research, and keep the peace, the UEO is given the SeaQuest. Originally designed as an exploration and research vessel, the SeaQuest is refitted with hi-tech weaponry for defense. She is originally commanded by Captain Marilyn Stark. She is, however, relieved of command by her XO when she attempts to use SeaQuest for a personal mission of vengeance. Captain Stark will be a villain in this sim.

Now, without a captain, SeaQuest is under the command of her XO until a new captain can be found. Join the crew of the SeaQuest and set sail!

The following positions are available:

1. Executive Officer 2. Chief Engineer 3. Sensor Chief 4. Communications Officer 5. Security Chief 6. Supply and Morale Officer 7. Chief Science Officer and Ship's Doctor 8. SeaQuest Janitor 9. EVA/Shuttle Pilot 10. Chief Analyst 11. UEO Fleet Admiral 22. UEO Secretary General 23. Captain Marylin Stark 24. Renegade Confederation 25. Aquatic Ape 26. Undersea Crime Syndicate 27. Other Villain

This rpg will be based on Season One of "SeaQuest DSV" and feature exploration, scientific research, and international diplomacy and conflict. There will be no stuff from Season Two. The reason I set the sim in the twenty-second century is we're getting close to the time that Season One was set in.

To join: email GM at We can do this three ways: use the characters from Season 1 of the TV show, do a combination of Season One characters and player-created characters, or do a sim with player-created characters only. Tell me which you prefer.


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