(18+) U.S.S. Elysium - NCC 89000 - TF47 Flagship

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Costs: Zero
Email: tf47@obsidianfleet.net
Frequency: 1 per week per player
URL: http://uss-elysium.com [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek Simulation
Last-Update: 2012Jul01
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


Students, Instructors and a Superintendent are required to venture into a new posting upon the Elysium. Just below the Civilian Decks on the upper levels of the ship lays the shining beacon of Starfleet Academy. Gain first hand experience as a Cadet in Starfleet by serving on the most advanced vessel in the Federation, boasting top of the range living amenities, recreational facilities and the most equisit research and educational centre's in the fleet, the Elysium Academy gives a unique opportunity to those just starting their Starfleet career. Get your chance at commanding the Elysium, firing real life weapons and doing the job of an Officer on our Officer Experience program!

Want to tutor cadets? Then fear not, we have an array of positions open for Instructors. Are you amazing at fixing people up, then become part of our Medical detachment of the Academy, gain access to premier information and show your students what you can achieve by putting your mind outside of the box! If you don't see your expertise, then we will accommodate your unique skills.

Want to take lead of this surge of hormones? We have the Superintendent role open to someone who wants to take the Academy and lead it to a successful portion of the Elysium itself. As the Superintendent you'd take charge of the department, ensure your cadets and instructors were having a great time and other duties which a Superintendent would take on!


Not interested in the Academy but want something more of a Civilian or Diplomatic role? Then you are in luck, we have ample Diplomatic and Civilian Positions open, not only will you have the safety of being out of Starfleet, but even your actions will have an impact on how the ship functions day to day!

Our Manifest details everything you will ever want to know about our positions.

Interested? Then Apply Today for the opportunity of a lifetime!


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