The Phantom Returns

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Type: Action/Horror/Suspense
Last-Update: 2012Jun21
Keywords: free, open-ended, human, modern, rpg, email


1881. The events of the novel "The Phantom of the Opera" take place

2012. The Paris Opera House holds the premiere of the opera "Don Juan Triumphant". On the night of the performance, the famous Paris Opera House is crowded. The performance starts, starring a young singer with a mysterious past and a young lady with a mysterious connection to the clairvoyant in the past.

Suddenly, as the performance gets underway, the huge chandelier hanging from the domed ceiling mysteriously falls from the ceiling and the young singer gets threatening notes from a mysterious individual. And the aforementioned young lady has terrifying dreams of a man in a mask.

In the catacombs below the Paris Opera House, Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, still lives, 131 years after he first terrorized the Paris Opera House and kidnapped a young Swedish singer. He should be dead, but he is not. After he murdered a stagehand at the Paris Opera House, he was cursed by the sister of the stagehand, who was a witch, to live forever in the catacombs, suffering from everlasting pain and madness.

To find out who is behind the frightening happenings at the Paris Opera House, the manager asks his American friend, New York Police Department homicide detective Jim Latimer, who is visiting from the United States, to investigate. Jim agrees to the request and starts an investigation. And a new chapter in the story of The Phantom of the Opera begins...

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