In The Eye Of The Storm

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Type: Action/Adventure/Drama
Last-Update: 2012May31
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, modern, rpg


It's 2019. A band of Idaho survivalists, who are actors who work at a theater in Meridian, Idaho, which is owned by their leader, a former Navy SEAL and the lead singer of a heavy-metal band who keeps a low profile by living off the grid and resides in a motel room, and survivalists from around the United States, reluctantly become the only hope for humanity when a sadistic alien race poisons humanity with a deadly drug. These aliens, who are green-skinned and look like goblins, hail from a planet that orbit the star Segin in the constellation of Cassiopeia. These aliens are interstellar drug lords who are selling the drug to sentient races across the cosmos in exchange for gold.

Nothing is being done about the aliens as corrupt world leaders are gaining wealth from the alien drug lords. As humans die from the alien drug after being addicted, its clear that something has to be done. But nobody is doing anything and the aliens are good at staying under the radar by using their shape-shifting abilities to disguise themselves as humans and they are being assisted by an organization of human collaborators called "The Collaborative" that controls every government, law-enforcement agency, etc.

It's up to the survivalists to stop them. Can they do it?

Available Positions:

1. Survivalist 2. Alien 3. Collaborative Character 4. Corrupt World Leader

To join: email GM at


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