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Costs: free
Frequency: twice a week
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Type: space opera, action
Last-Update: 2012Apr25
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*************************** Council Renascence Mission

Restitution, Reconstruction, Revitalization, The Galaxy Needs You! Be a Galactic Saviour! Join The Best!

A lifetime opportunity to be part of a bigger effort to restore the Galaxy to the way it was. Sign a five plus five year* contract for a mission into the unknown. Bring the torch of Citadel Space, order and protection, to those who are lost and waiting for decades. Be the hero to billions. Live the adventure and be paid for it, big time. Contract is open to everyone: active military servicemen, civilians, convicts of all races**. We offer competitive pay and special insurance packages.

Visit our recruitment bureau in your city today or find us on extranet for more details.

* Standard contract is for a single mission to restore a single Mass Relay. Estimated time is no longer than five years. A clause of extra five years applies in case of unexpected complications. The contract is terminated after ten years and entire pay with insurance money unclaimed is made available to the next of kin.

** Subject to Council Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test score. Additional restrictions may apply. ***************************

I am looking for 3-6 players for play by email roleplay game in Mass Effect universe in expanded setting.

The game will take place in 2284 (98 years after events of Mass Effect 3). PCs will be part of a mission to repair the Mass Relay in Nubian Expanse cluster. They will be "dropped into" the cluster (I will provide explanation how), without prior information of what to expect and will be cut off from the rest of the Galaxy, restricted to this single cluster until the Mass Relay is repaired.

I intend to have an open game allowing PCs to achieve success in multiple ways (working as a team) or have them die trying. The game is intended to be adult rating, so you have to be at least 18 years old to join (equivalent of BBFC rating 18). By joining the game you claim to be 18 years old or older.

The game will be run via yahoogroups and emails.

I intend to post at a pace of twice a week (might be more often if time and responses from players will allow). This means I will expect at least two posts from each player a week on regular basis (LOAs and unexpected interruptions I will understand, however constant failure to stay within desired pace will mean exclusion from the game).

I am not a native English speaker and I understand that many of the players might not be as well. That is why I am not going to be strict on the language standard. I will expect the use of spellcheckers before posting and at least decent level of English familiarity for the sake of communication.

The game will be run in third-person past tense narrative form.

This is not going to be a freeform game. Players will be expected to play their characters only whereas I will be playing "the rest" of the universe.

Deep familiarity with Mass Effect universe is not required but general interest in it, and broader, interest in Space Opera genre is.

The game will be using D20 conversion offered by Isair: Making the character sheet will be mandatory for the sake of establishing a common level of understanding of what characters can or cannot do. I am however a storytelling GM and I am more about roleplaying than rolling dice, more for keeping the story and the action going rather than randomizing things with dice. In fact, I use dice (I will be doing all rolls for players) only in extreme situations, like when characters might die or I feel their roleplaying effort is not good enough for certain important action. Most of the time, I make decision on "success" or "failure" by assessing roleplaying effort and character sheet "numbers", comparing them to established difficulty of the action. So expect rewards for roleplaying (I am not penalizing for "single-liner" responses but I acknowledge "more" effort put in replies).

More about setting: Commander Shepard saved the galaxy and defeated the Reapers. However, within fifty years, Blasto, the first Hanar spectre, a fictional movie character whose adventures were loose adaptation of Commander Shepard achievements, outgrew and distorted the original's actions. Today, very few know true details of what Commander Shepard did. However, almost everyone knows what "The Shepard" did - Blasto did it too.

Mass Relays were not destroyed but disabled. Fortunately, the Project Crucible team found a way to fix them. Within ten years major Mass Relays leading to Apien Crest (Palaven), Athena Nebula (Thessia), Annos Basin (Sur'Kesh), Local Cluster (Earth) and Krogan DMZ (Tuchanka) were repaired. Keepers moved The Citadel back to the Serpent Nebula. Over next few years, Mass Relays were slowly being repaired under authority of the Council Renascence Mission. Within seventy years major Mass Relays within Citadel Space were restored with the connection to Perseus Veil (Rannoh). Recent years saw first Mass Relays within Attican Traverse being repaired.

The Genophage is cured. Geth and Quarian are living together on Rannoh. The Citadel is once again the center of the administration and hub of activity.

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