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Costs: free
Frequency: twice a month
Type: urban dystopian fantasy
Last-Update: 2012Apr10
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Acrasia. For centuries the city state stood alone against the turning of the tide. Held strong while the world around it crumbled and decayed. And when a new power grew out of the old with dominion in mind the city struck a bargain with the devil. An alliance. Protection for power. An uneasy alliance though it may be, it has kept the city at peace for the last fifty years.

Yet there is more to this peace than meets the eye. A clandestine war rages in the shadows of the city's foundries and academies. With increasing urgency the nations of the world are vying for power amidst the death throes of a dying planet. All the while forgotten malevolent forces are massing.

Whether wittingly or not it is into this capricious and often murderous fray that our characters step. While our emphasis is and always shall be on community and creativity, ours is an immersive world. Full of ancient mysteries, political machinations and gloriously flawed characters. We are an original play-by-email story style game that believes in high quality collaborative writing, character development and dark, twisting plots. Above all else we believe in having fun!

Our writing spans a number of genres including dark fantasy, steampunk, urban dystopia, post apocalyptic, supernatural horror, adventure & intrigue. What we are is a plot intensive, mature, character driven, free form PbeM. So, if you're an experienced, imaginative writer looking for a moderately paced group doing something a little different pay us a visit.


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