Galactic Warlords

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Costs: free as Commoner; 1.5 GB pounds as Royalty
Frequency: one per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: space strategy wargame
Last-Update: 2012Mar27
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, computer, startrek, wargame, gui, economic


Welcome to the Year 5030 AD, three millenia into the future. In the frontiers of Outer Space, a number of alien races exist, and vie with each other for control of resource-rich star systems. Here you may lead an interstellar empire, sending forth your fleets of starships to carve out an empire. Should you fail, not only will your nation crumble, but your race will be either subjugated or annhilated. To survive against this menace, you will need to use well-planned tactics, clever scheming, and ruthless determination. This game is provided as a complementary service to the web gaming community - all who enjoy wargames are welcome to join!

To view your realm and issue orders, you use the Diploware, which is a software program you download here. When you install the Diploware, the Rulebook will also be installed (be sure to browse through this, which is available from your Windows Start Menu or desktop shortcut).

As an option you may choose to donate to support the game, which brings a few additional perquisites. This is completely optional though, and is explained in the Rulebook.

The current scenario available is Galactic Warlords: Trek Wars:

The Trek Wars scenario **********************

Following the end of the Dominion War (year 2375), the Bajoran Wormhole remained a source of concern to the major powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrants of the Galaxy: Federation, Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians.

The threat of future invasions by the Dominion remained. In addition, the balance of power between empires was untenable, as none of the Alpha or Beta quadrant powers could match the strength of the Dominion. This continuing threat was a matter of discussion between the great powers for several years following the war, culminating in the decision to collapse the Bajoran Wormhole, using new and untested technology. This decision was not reached easily, and in fact, most of the Federation membership resisted the proposal, due to the risks involved. However, due to parliamentary manuevering, sufficient votes were obtained in the council to move forward with the plan, much to the dismay of the Vulcan delegation, and several other species.

For 2 years, the powers invested manpower and resources into the project. Collapsing a wormhole requires an expenditure of energy beyond any level known heretofore. At last, preparations were completed, and a great Conference was arranged at Bajor. The collapse of the wormhole was anticipated to usher in a new era of peace, and a new political order in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The heads of all major species were gathered at this historic site, in anticipation of the momentous occaison, and the order was given to trigger the seismic collapse.

All plans carry a risk... ********************** The game happens just after the plan is put into effect.

The collapsing of the wormhole was to be the beginning of a general peace agreement amongst the empires, after the threats posed by the Dominion. During the talks, the wormhole is collapsed by the scientists, using the new, untested, and powerful technology. The result is a massive disaster, partly caused by Dominion agents and starships on the other side. The wormhole had connections previously unknown, including a twin wormhole connecting the alpha and beta quadrants. Collapsing a wormhole results in a vaccuum cleaner effect, sucking starships and other material into it, as well as creating subspace shockwaves. Bajor is decimated by these shockwaves, and the entire peace delegation is eliminated, including the primary governmental figures of all 4 major powers.

In addition: 1) The wormhole collapse results in 3 Dominion fleets being sucked into the Beta Quadrant, cut off from the main leadership of the dominion. 2) The wormhole had connections to a twin wormhole connecting the Gamma quadrant and Alpha quadrant of the galaxy. This twin had a number of tendrils, and the collapse of the Bajor section opened these tendrils, which sucked in 4 Borg fleets, a Kazon fleet and a Species 8472 fleet into the Alpha Quadrant. 3) Subspace disruptions caused havoc in several planetary systems, altering weather patterns and causing severe economic difficulties. Along with the death of the principle governing members of the federation, this disaster has resulted in a division of the Federation into several separate blocs: - Earth (the remaining federation), - Vulcans, - Betazoids, - Andorans, - and Efrosians (the people with the white beards). 4) The disruptions and death of the governing members also caused the Romulan empire to splinter into 2 separate powers (Remus and Romulus factions), 5) As well, the Klingons separated into 3 separate powers (Main Empire, House Duras and House Korgoth factions), 6) The Cardassians meanwhile separated into 2 separate powers (Main Empire and Obsidian Order).

It has now been 2 years since the disaster. All empires are recovering, but the entire Beta and Alpha quadrants are in disarray. The Dominion fleets, separated from the control of the Dominion High Council, have established themselves as independent powers in the Beta quadrant. Likewise have the 4 Borg fleets, being cut off from their leadership, as well as the Kazon and Species 8472 elements. Each have also became independent powers.

There are 26 separate nations now, including the above, as well as the Orion Pirates, Ferengi, Breen, Gorn, and Tholians, all which see an unprecedented opportunity for conquest. Now is the opportunity for each faction to forge a new empire, and create a new order in the Galaxy.


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