Phoenix Rising

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Type: Action
Last-Update: 2012Mar18
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space


In 2019, the Pacific Northwest seceded from the United States and Canada to form its own utopian society based on collectivism and living in harmony with nature. In 2020, Northern California seceded from the U.S. and joined the new country. The new society was different from traditional U.S. society and was known as the Utopians.

In 2029, free-spirited and rowdy adults and youth known as the Free Spirits began rebelling against the new society, but were put down by the society's militia, but the rebellion was not dead.

In 2041, the Free Spirits rebelled again and took control of Oregon and Washington. The Free Spirits acquired weapons and turned on each other. Violent gangs formed in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Law and order ceased to exist. The gangs were the law.

In 2045, Northern California fell to Free Spirits who destroyed the last remnants of the Utopians. The Free Spirits there got a hold of advanced technology from Silicon Valley and began creating violent cyborgs who also formed gangs.

In 2061, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington rejoin the United States, now a third-world nation after Utopian terrorists detonated an EMP over the country, destroying all electronics.

In 2069, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington are now under the total control of gangs and are vastly different from the cities that they once were. The gangs roam the streets of both cities, armed to the teeth with all weapons imaginable and competing with each other for control of the two cities. The citizens of the two cities live in fear of the gangs and pay tribute to them so the gangs won't harm them.

The gangs are vicious. They engage in armed robbery, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, the manufacturing of illegal liquor, hijackings, bombings, violent shootouts, kidnapping for ransom, executions, and other forms of crime. The gangs of Portland and Seattle are constantly at war with each other. The U.S. Government has ignored the situation.

It was thought that the Utopians were dead forever. But they're not. A new Utopian movement has formed and they are determined to regain control of the Pacific Northwest. Their leader is Vera Whittaker, a strong-willed environmentalist. And she is the leader of a new Utopian militia.

In Northern California, the leader of the cyborg gangs in San Francisco, Hale Paradigm, are looking to invade Oregon and Washington and create a cyborg nation.

The gangs of Portland and Seattle run the show in the Pacific Northwest, and this is their story.

Available Positions:

1. Gang Leader-Portland, Oregon 2. Gang Member-Portland, Oregon 3. Gang Leader-Seattle, Washington 4. Gang Member-Seattle, Washington 5. Utopian 6. Cyborg Gang Leader-San Francisco 7. Cyborg Gang Member-San Francisco

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