Thunder of Erebus

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Type: Technothriller/Military/War
Last-Update: 2012Feb28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


In the near future, an international geological expedition is drilling deep below the Ross Ice Shelf in the shadow of volcanic Mount Erebus. When an astouding discovery is made by the expedition, rubidium-96, rare element necessary for the construction of a new superweapon, which both the United States and Russia are researching, and a potential energy source Russia takes immediate action. Russian forces, land in Antarctica in violation of the Antarctic Treaty, seize the Antarctic research bases, and take the scientists who work in these bases hostage. To prevent an attack on the bases or a rescue of the hostages, Russian forces install nuclear weapons at the bases.

The international community isn't eager to start a war in Antarctica, so diplomatic negotiations with the Russians begin with three objectives: the release of the hostages, finding peaceful uses for the rubidium, the return of the research bases, and the future of Antarctica. This last item is important as the Antarctic Treaty has expired and a new treaty has not been negotiated.

But when diplomatic negotiations fail and several hostages are executed, the use of military force to resolve the crisis becomes imperative. To achieve this, the United States and its allies launch Operation: Beowulf, a massive military operation with four objectives: retake the Antarctic research bases, rescue the hostages, prevent the Russians from mining the rubidium, and expel Russian forces from Antarctica.

After taking a backseat in international military operations during the Libyan crisis, the United States, under a new President, takes the lead again. The United States is joined by Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Finland, Ukraine, Australia, South Korea, Romania, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Pakistan, and Uruguay.

What takes places is a deadly conflict at the bottom of the world. War rages as American and allied armies fight deadly battles with Russian forces on the glaciers, icefields, and in the mountains of Antarctica, while naval battles rage between Russian naval forces and American and allied naval forces, and spectacular aerial dogfights rage in the Antarctic skies between Russian top guns and American and allied top guns. As the war in Antarctica rage, China, the European Union, Japan, Germany, South American nations, and the United Nations launch diplomatic efforts to end the war as soon as possible.

But Russia is about to up the ante!

Join in the fight! Here is a list of available positions:

1. President of the United States 2. Secretary of State 3. Secretary of Defense 4. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 5. United States Army 6. United States Navy/Marine Corps 7. United States Air Force 8. Allied Army 9. Allied Navy 10. Allied Air Force 11. Commanding Officer, U.S. and Allied Forces 12. Commanding Officer, U.S. and Allied ground forces 13. Commanding Officer, U.S. and Allied naval forces 14. Commanding Officer, U.S. and Allied air forces 15. President of Russia 16. Foreign Minister of Russia 17. Defense Minister of Russia 18. Chief of Staff of the Russian Army 19. Russian Army 20. Russian Navy 21. Russian Air Force 22. Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces 23. Commanding General of the Russian Army 24. Commanding Officer of Russian Naval Forces 25. Commanding Officer of the Russian Air Force 26. Scientist in Antarctica 27. Secretary General of the United Nations 28. United Nations Representative 29. Chinese Representative 30. European Union Representative 31. Japanese Representative 32. German Representative 33. South American Representative 34. American politician

To join: email GM at "Thunder of Erebus" is based on the novel of the same name by Payne Harrison.


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