Fallen Empires

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Costs: £1.50 per turn
Frequency: Weekly
Email: fallenemp@gmail.com
Type: Strategy wargaming
Last-Update: 2012Feb15
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, historical, wargame, rpg


Fallen Empires is a Role Playing game by email. Each turn you, the player, send in your instructions as to movement, actions etc to the Games Master (GM). The instructions are partly in the form of calculations and partly in the form of written instructions. Straight forward actions are covered by the calculation sheets but more complex actions need a descriptive text, see sample turn. One major and four minor written actions may be submitted each turn as well as the organisation and disposition of troops with their weapons and armour.

Each Tribe starts with the same basic equipment but in a different starting sector. The Tribe will increase in size each turn so there will always be the need to train new warriors and to provide them with equipment. Only trained tribesmen may fight and these can comprise of warriors, officers, archers (which cover all standard missile troops for lack of a simpler term) and cavalry. New troop types may appear as your tribe develops.

The tribes initially are like a blank canvas. It is entirely up to you the player as to what style you want to follow. The description of your tribe will not affect the starting sector, which is decided at random by the GM. There are known to be three major empires/kingdoms controlling cities and armies and a number of non-allied cities, already active within the game.

All tribes begin as nomadic but may choose to change during the process of the game. There is no deliberate in game bonus either way, but mobility will help you explore different areas and find hidden treasures and perils more readily, whereas a stronghold may give defensive benefits.

If you wish to run a settlement instead of or as well as a tribe there is a separate information sheet as to how these work.

You can learn to make new equipment in cities and find secrets within the game (or even develop skills of your own) so there are a large range of options for you to explore. Generally the more something costs to buy or make the more effective it will be in a battle, and different formations that you use will also give hidden bonuses in battles.


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