Empire of the Alexandrians

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Costs: Complete Free
Frequency: As many as you like
Email: jcarmicheal@empireofthealexandrians.org
URL: http://www.empireofthealexandrians.org/newforum/index.php?act=idx [ dead link ]
Type: Government Simulation
Last-Update: 2012Feb09
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, wargame, rpg, abstract


Welcome to the fascinating world of Micras, where Alexandria is a nation. You might be someone who stumbled into our forums by chance, or a newbie who has no idea of what's going on. Don't worry, that's what this brief guide is for!

What's "micronationalism"? Micronationalism is the art of creating and participating in small (or "micro") "nations". Now, micronationalism has many different levels. Some people are dead serious about their micronation and are actually seeking independence, while others are less serious. Alexandria is in the middle of these two. We're not actually seeking independence from the United States (...yet! *evil laugh*), but we do try to keep some degree of seriousness. Just think of Alexandria as a government simulation on the Internet.

So, just like real countries, a micronation passes laws, has a military, conducts foreign relations with other micronations and tons of other stuff. Some micronations even have real radio stations. Most micronations have a rich fictional culture, and Alexandria is not an exception.

How can I join Alexandria? It's easy. Before you can get involved in Alexandria, you have to apply for citizenship in the by filling out this form - you will have to create a character and a biography for it. ["Applying for citizenship" is how people sign up to join a micronation.] See this post for a sample biography post.

After you post your citizenship application, you will have to wait for the relevant government official to review your application. Once the application is approved, you're a citizen of Alexandria! If you're a "citizen", then it means you've joined the game.

Okay, I'm a "citizen." What do I do now? Well, now it's your time to get involved in Alexandria. Here are a few simple first steps:

Get acquainted with people in Alexandria. Join the political process. Get involved in your province or territory. Have fun and always show respect.

1. Get acquainted with the people of Alexandria. This is what you must do first, above all else. People in Alexandria are generally friendly to newbies and they are always glad to welcome you with open arms. You can send private messages to anyone in Alexandria through the boards. Also, you can check people's profiles and find out their screenames for different instant messaging systems. Don't be a stranger and mingle with people. Forge friendships. Talk to people through our forums - Place de Marmion and in The Moulin Rouge Nightclub.

2. Join the political process. To join the political process, you'll have to join a political party. Go though their forums; they have manifestos and party platforms in their party forums. If you want to join a party, just post in the respective party forum that you wish to join and they will most likely accept you and bring you into their party with open arms. Just make sure you are an active member of the party.

But what if I don't like any of these parties? Well, it's simple. You can always create your own political party. But, of course, there are a few conditions. The political party you create must have a manifesto or a list of beliefs that aren't contrary to the Imperial Constitution. That's pretty much it.

It's okay if you don't want to go with either option. You could go right ahead and be an Independent. Alexandria has a strong tradition of independents in politics.

3. Get involved in your province or territory. In your citizenship form, you specified the province in Alexandria you wanted to live in. Now, if you find that you don't want to live there anymore, it's fine if you pack your things and move. Just let the Ministry of the Interior know about it.

Now, provinces and territories at the moment are rather underdeveloped. So, you could get involved in getting small provincial and territorial governments setup, since many of the provinces or territories don't have them. The provinces have tons of potential for development. Just keep the provincial profiles in mind and go along with plans and stuff. This level could always use activity.

4. Have fun and show respect. People who know how to enjoy playing a game (or participate in a micronation, in this case) - whether they win or lose - are a lot more fun to be around. They understand that having fun and playing fair are more important than just winning. This attitude is called good sportsmanship.

Good sportsmanship is doing your best and having good behavior. It means working hard, learning, and following the rules. It also means treating your peers, your opponents, your leaders, and the officials with courtesy. When you congratulate opponents who beat you, you're practicing good sportsmanship. When you win and thank the other team for a good game, you're also being a good sport.

Alexandria is a fun place. There will be people here that might end up to be your sworn enemies. Things can get ugly. But, if you keep a good attitude and keep up good sportsmanship about things and not take things personal, you should be fine. Believe me, not all people show good sportsmanship, but it'd be nice if someone showed it! Believe me! It makes people want to work with you... and it makes you electable as well.

If you show respect, people will show respect to you as well. Play clean. Have fun.

Any advice? - BE ACTIVE! The more you're up and running doing stuff, the more you'll understand things. - Ask questions. It shows you're interested and hell, you'll get answers! - If you're not sure about doing something, go ahead and do it still. We'll let you know if it's not right in a nice way, and you'll learn more about stuff. - Talk to people. Simple as that.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a Private Message or an e-mail to eaportela [at] gee mayl [dut] cem.


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