Triad Weyrs

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Costs: NA
Frequency: Posts every few days
Email: [ok]
Type: Pern RPG
Last-Update: 2012Jan22
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Triad Weyrs is a post-AIVAS Tenth Pass Pern® club operating with the permission of Anne McCaffrey as an offline pbem ('play-by-email') club, founded in February 2000. AIVAS' plan did fail, but a 1200 turn Interval made the world nearly forget Thread existed. With technology levels similar to 1800's Earth, not everything taught by the ancient machine has been lost, even with the return of the old menace. In the South, women don't have the rights they do in the North, and only Thread's return has given them a chance at regaining them.

We operate as a stricter club canon-wise, and aren't the club for everyone, particularly if you like such alterations of Pern® as female blueriders and tattooed Lord Holders running amuck amidst their holders. We are PG-17. No, that doesn't mean the list revolves around those scenes other clubs 'fade-to-black'. It means that subject matter of a graphic nature can appear. Our scenario means that abuse and other strong-content storylines can be posted, so consider it a wee warning before you join. Use the buttons and links above and to the sides to learn more about us and we hope to have you join us!


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