Starbase 242

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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2011Dec12
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Have you ever wanted in your Starfleet career to witness a scientific breakthrough? Have you ever wanted to be on the front lines during negotiations to prevent an all-out war? Have you ever wanted to put your investigative skills to the test and track down those responsible for killing innocent civilians? Well...on Starbase 242 this and much more could happen, and you can be there to help decide the flow of the storyline.

Starbase 242 is situated about the midway point between Betazed and Vega. It was one of the few places a ship could resupply en route to Setlik III during the Federation-Cardassian war. Now the station serves as one of the main hubs of the innards of Federation space. Under the command of Captain Treylana Hess, Bravo Fleet's Task Force 47 Beta's Commanding Officer, Starbase 242 hopes to be the centre point for countless exciting and unexpected missions.

Currently Starbase 242 is looking to fill the following key roles and many others by new and experienced writers alike:

Chief Science Officer Chief Flight Control Officer Chief Diplomatic Officer Chief Operations Officer Chief Medical Officer Chief Intelligence Officer

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