The Edge of Glory

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Type: Supernatural/Espionage
Last-Update: 2011Nov09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, vampire, modern, rpg


Unknown to the American people the United States Government maintains a covert agency called "STARGATE" with its headquarters in an underground complex located below The White House. This agency undertakes the investigations of foreign and domestic threats to the United States that the traditional intelligence, national security, and other law-enforcement agencies are unable to undertake.

"STARGATE" is an unusual agency. The reason: it isn't composed of humans. It is composed of supernatural creatures such as ghosts, vampires, werewolves, Immortals (humans resurrected from the dead), witches, zombies, mythological creatures (from all mythologies), and other supernatural creatures.

These supernatural creatures each have their own unique powers and abilities. The agency is led by former President John F. Kennedy, now an Immortal, who serves as its Director, and is answerable to the President of the United States. Its services can be requested by any agency of the Federal Government or the Armed Forces, who know of its existence.

The supernatural creatures who work for STARGATE are of all nationalities and all walks of life. They volunteer to work for STARGATE, are sent from "The Light" to work for the agency, or are sent from Hell to be given a chance to redeem themselves, or are revived by psychics and mediums.

These creatures, called "Supernaturals", walk among us and fight to protect the world from evil. The operatives of STARGATE include dead celebrities, dead historical figures, evil people (both historical and non-historical) who are sent from Hell to redeem themselves, the ghosts of ordinary people, and the other supernatural creatures that are mentioned above.

You can play any character from a dead celebrity (anyone) or a dead historical figure or you can create your own supernatural operative. To join, submit a character bio to the GM at To give our characters evil supernatural opponents who might aid our enemies, feel free to submit them.

The operatives of STARGATE are given the chance to fight for what's right after their deaths. They are "out on the edge of glory and are hanging on the moment of truth", in the words of Lady Gaga, the pop singer.


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