The Eagle And The Dragon

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Type: Technothriller
Last-Update: 2011Oct09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


It is the near future. An economic recession continues to plague the United States and the Eurozone economic crisis in Europe continues with no end in sight. The Euro becomes worthless and the European Union dissolves. A coup in Russia brings down the Russian government and replaces it with a despotic military regime that is determined to restore Russia's status as a superpower.

In the United States, the current president's hopes for reelection are ruined when an election landslide in the 2012 presidential election ends his four-year tenure in the White House and a new president is elected. A new Congress is also elected and hope for economic recovery sweeps the nation.

There is also a new hope for peace as a new series of victories over terrorism brings the War on Terrorism closer to a decisive end and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down and U.S. forces come home. The Iraqi government is finally able to assume responsibility for its own security and peace negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan are successful.

In the Middle East, the peace process between Israel, the Palestinians, and Syria is back on track as those parties meet in Selma, Alabama for peace negotiations.

Amidst all these events, a new crisis is brewing which sends The People's Republic of China and the United States on a collision course.

*The Dalai Llama dies in exile in India, which ignites a passionate movement for independence in Tibet

*Taiwan pushes for independence when the president of that nation begins a push for full independence from China. China threatens to invade Taiwan and a crisis erupts in the Taiwan Straits

*Chinese forces occupy the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, either capturing or driving off the military forces of Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei

*Chinese influence in the Western Hemisphere in Africa and the Western Hemisphere grows when Cuba, Venezuela, and the other nations of Central and South America sign economic and defense agreements with China and Chinese military forces are sent to those nations to train their armed forces and to set up bases. American influence is eroded.

*Chinese nuclear missiles are placed in Cuba and Venezuela targeting the United States, creating a second Cuban Missile Crisis. Cuban exiles in Florida plan a second Bay of Pigs invasion and are determined to succeed. A Cuban resistance movement forms inside Cuba

*The Panama Canal comes under the control of the Chinese government when the Chinese shipping company that administers it for Panama is taken over by the Chinese government. The Panama Canal is closed to American shipping. Chinese, Cuban, Bolivian, and Venezuelan troops land in Panama to defend the Canal

*China deploys a new weapon: a ship-mounted laser which targets American aircraft. American aircraft are shot down over the Pacific

*Fear spreads across the Middle East when China agrees to help Iran and Syria continue their nuclear programs. Chinese military forces arrive in Iran and Syria to deter an Israeli attack on those nations. To protect the peace process Israel seeks a diplomatic solution, but how far will diplomacy go?

*In the most notorious case of espionage on American soil, Chinese spies are caught at the Los Alamos Nuclear Facility in Los Alamos, Mexico, the Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Livermore, California

*To prevent an American response to its plans, China launches an ambitious military operation which it hopes will cripple the United States: an invasion of Alaska and Hawaii, and devastating strikes against American bases in Japan, Korea, and the Pacific

East Asia and the Pacific Rim explode into armed conflict as the United States and its allies and China are plunged into a devastating war which could last for years and which could have tragic consequences for the entire world as the Chinese president positions his finger over the nuclear button....

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