The Carlyle Expedition

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Type: Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition
Last-Update: 2011Sep13
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


When playboy Roger Carlyle met the African Woman, he took a turn for the worse. Every morning he related strange recurring dreams full of Egyptian symbols and mystic beckonings. Though never before interested in Egypt's history or archaelogy, Carlyle suddenly organized an archaeological expedition to that ancient land. No one ever imagined that the expedition would meet such a terrible fate a few months later . . . .

Yes, this is the (in)famous Masks of Nyarlathotep game. While the system is CoC 6th edition, the focus is going to be on an Adventure/Indiana Jones feel, which the scenario lends itself nicely to.

What that means is that the combat will be a little less deadly than your normal CoC adventure, the feel a bit less dark, and I've tweaked some of the rules to slow down the Sanity and allow characters to survive a bit easier. I am also encouraging that kind of Indiana Jones approach to problems, in terms of leaping from moving cars, swinging ropes, and the like. While wholly foolish ideas will result in death (like using a refrigerator to escape a nuclear blast), I'd like the players to think grandly in terms of actions. That said, not everyone needs to be an Indy clone.

I already have 3 players, one of whom is wholly new to CoC, and am looking for a few more to fill out the game. New players are welcome, as are older players. If you've played through the scenario before, that's fine as long as you can keep your OOC knowledge separate from what your character knows.

I'm not a rules hound GM, and want the focus to be on fun role playing as much as stopping the horror. If you've never played, it's a very simplistic system, and I can help with character creation and grasping the rules. Interested players can join the yahoo group above, or email me any questions.


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