Supernatural (2)

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Type: Superhero/Action-Adventure
Last-Update: 2011Aug31
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


A retired actress who was popular during the 1970s and early 1980s who left Hollywood because she couldn't cope with fame, on a visit to Hollywood with her son, has her life changed forever when her son contracts a fatal disease while surfing in the Pacific Ocean. He now lies dying in a Los Angeles hospital with no hope for recovery.

But there is hope. Two aliens from the Pleiades star system visiting Earth, who are reaching the noncorporeal stage and must leave our universe, offer the actress a deal. They will give her the power to save her son but they tell her that the power goes beyond healing and gives one immortality. Once one receives the power and becomes immortal, they'll never be human again.

The aliens will give the retired actress the power if she promises that, in addition to healing her son, the actress will become a force for good in the world and use the power only for good. The actress must fight evil wherever it rears its ugly head.

The actress agrees and the aliens inject her with a serum. The results are incredible. The actress becomes immortal and is transformed from an attractive late middle-age woman into a beautiful immortal woman. As a result the actress looks the same way she did when she was in her early twenties, has long hair, and the love that has always been within her surfaces. Her body also becomes made of ectoplasm.

The actress gains superhuman powers including superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman vision, superhuman hearing, superhuman agility, the ability to fly, invisibility, telekinetic abilities, telepathy, the ability to communicate with animals, the ability to change temperatures from hot to cold, the ability to freeze an opponent using a blue-green freeze ray that's fired from her eyes, the ability to put people and animals to sleep and other abilities.

The actress stays in Los Angeles, rejoins Hollywood as an actress, and becomes a private detective with Patriot, Inc. which investigates regular cases and cases where the security of the United States is threatened.

The actress makes herself a costume and becomes Supernatural! And its a good thing Supernatural's here. Because the world is threatened by a whole bunch of evil villains, ranging from villains that are like the villains from Batman and Black Scorpion to evil Hollywood celebrities-turned villains, ordinary criminals, supernatural villains, sports-related villains, supernatural villains, and others. Supernatural fights evil alongside allies.

Available Positions:

1. Supernatural/The Actress 2. Ally of Supernatural 3. Villain

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