Fatherland II

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Email: johnmunch@q.com
Type: Espionage/Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2011Aug30
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


In the year 2030, in a world in which the Nazis won World War II, American CIA operative Matt Casey and a genetically-engineered German woman who escaped from a German genetics and is being hunted by her creators and searching for others of her kind who escaped the lab battle the Nazis and keep the hope of freedom alive in a dark world. They are aided in their fight by their fellow CIA agents and the brave resistance groups in Occupied Europe. This is their story.....

It is also the story of the FBI agents and Homeland Security operatives who search for Nazi spies in the United States. Available Positions:

The genetically-engineered German woman

United States:

1. CIA Director and the CIA higher-ups 2. CIA Operative 3. Director Of The FBI 4. FBI Agent 5. Member of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Special Forces, Rangers) 6. Homeland Security Director 7. Homeland Security Operative-searches for Nazi spies

Germany/Occupied Europe:

1. The Fuhrer- 2. Nazi Official 3. Abwehr Operative 4. SS Agent 5. Gestapo Agent 6. Bundeswehr (German Army) Position 7. German Navy Position 8. Luftwaffe Position 9. CIA Station Chief-Berlin 10. CIA Station Chief-Vichy France 11. CIA Station Chief-Rome 12. CIA Station Chief-Moscow 13. CIA Operative in Occupied Europe 14. Russian SVU Operative 15. British MI-6 Operative 16. Resistance Fighter in Occupied Europe 17. Prisoner In German Concentration Camp 18. German Concentration Camp Guard

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