Death of the Destroyer

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Costs: free
Frequency: several times per week
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Type: 5th edition Champions
Last-Update: 2011Aug02
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Dr. Destroyer is dying. The reports say that he has one year to live. A few people question the validity of some of the reports, but there is one thing that all agree upon: Dr. Destroyer will not "go lightly into that cold dark night". He says that he will turn the entirety of his resources to curing his condition, "which" he adds blandly, "will prove troublesome for many", that is, result in millions of casualties worldwide.

Project SHIVA, UNTIL's agency charged with defending against Dr. Destroyer, sends out a cry for help. This could be the opportunity to finally rid the world of the threat of Dr. Destroyer, or it could be the end of the world. One thing that is certain is that we cannot afford to sit idly by as Dr. Destroyer begins his death throes.

Death of the Destroyer is a 5th Edition game set in the Champions Universe. Characters are standard builds:

Base Points:200 Disadvantage Points:150 Active points: 80 maximum Damage Clases: 6-14 Combat Value: 6-13 Speed: 3-10 Defense: maximum 25 Max Resistant Defense is 15/10 Hardened

Character will be commissioned as Captains in the UNTIL hierarchy with access to UNTIL weaponry, equipment and vehicles to reflect the priority afforded the crisis and those signing on to deal with Dr. Destroyer.

Death of the Destroyer will contain adult subject matter, themes, language, and violence. All players and lurker should be over the age of 18 and able to view such material in their native state or country. Interested parties should go to:

or send an email to



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