Lost Souls

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Costs: Free
Email: GMImperfecti@gmail.com
Frequency: Every 1-3 days
Type: Modern Exalted
Last-Update: 2011Jul21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, modern, rpg


I am currently running a low key 3-5 posts per week modern exalted game. It uses all the Exalted 2nd edition rules, but it is just set in modern day earth.

It is largely around exploration and uncovery of what has happened. I changed a little the backstory, but the central theme is to explore how modern day earth might fit into the exalted setting. White Wolf tried to do this with Scion, but I never liked their attempt.

It is heavy on role playing and writing and character development. I am using it as an opportunity to keep my fantasy writing skills sharp and to explore some ideas I have.

You can see your character sheet or just be notified of the qualitative aspects of what you can do. Experience won't really be handed out, so much as abilities will be uncovered. I am looking for 2 more players. I currently have one active player (the other 2 flaked on me)

It begins 12/30/2008 during the depths (according to Wikipedia) of the economic crisis. Your character has lived a golden, untroubled life free of any conflict or real decision. However something unexpectedly catastrophic happens on this night that jars you to a realization that not only is the world not what it seems...you were never what you seemed.

GMImperfecti [at] gmail [dot] com


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