Terminator: No Fate

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Costs: All you need is time
Frequency: One per week
Email: terminator@rpverse.net
URL: http://www.terminator.ndgaming.net/ [ dead link ]
Type: sci fi, modern
Last-Update: 2011Jun01
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, modern, rpg


Terminator: No Fate is a role-playing game set in the present, but it begins in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where Machines rule and Man is the endangered species.

Welcome to Terminator: No Fate. Based on the Terminator franchise and particularly inspired by the TV series 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles', No Fate is an original story that tries to remain true to the spirit and mythology of the classic Terminator story.

The basis of the story, a machine from the future trying to change events and alter its destiny, remains. However, we have added new characters, tweaked the established canon to allow for a more open game rather than one focused on a single character, and also just tossed in a few curve balls that we thought would be fun.

The main focus of the story will be 2011 and the events that unfold after the arrival of the Terminator and the first of the Tech-Com guardians. However, there will be an opportunity for players to also explore future events - particularly that of the Last War.

If you're a sci-fi or Terminator fan, you are not going to want to miss this. If you're a fan of good stories and character development, I guarantee we have that too.

So join us. Fight for the future. Resist.


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