War of the Clans - Expansion -- Return to the Pentagon Worlds

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Costs: donations accepted, but FREE
Frequency: 4 per month
Email: ilKhan@wotc-pbf.com
URL: http://gaming-gm.us/Sites/WotC-00/index.php [ dead link ]
Type: Battletech, wargame, open ended
Last-Update: 2014May17
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, mixed, space, wargame, economic, rpg


For twenty eight years after the original settling of the Pentagon Worlds, The Kernesky and his Clans have slowly built up their power base on Strana Mechty.

Now, the time has come to "Return to the Pentagon Worlds"

Based loosely upon FASA Operation Klondike and Battle Tech, this game takes place in the sector of space known as the Pentagon Worlds.

Each player runs one of the 20 Clans. Developing their economics, military, and other financial bearings. War, exploration, and colonization are major parts of the game.

Interaction between the various Clans for good or bad is not only encouraged, but needed to keep the game going.

We are scheduled to start around the 20th of Jun. The rules are posted as well as discussions of potential additions coming up. The players have been as much part of the development as the GM.

Much credit goes to Patrick Hallis for the original thoughts of this type.


-- Internet

-- Email (pop or non doesn't matter)

-- Either Open Office or MS Office (spreadsheet)


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