The USS Lancelot

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Costs: Free
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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2011Apr22
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The Story: In 2381, The USS Lancelot was mothballed after 7 years of honorable service to the Federation, a tragedy to say the least. Brought back on active service, in 2386, following an extensive repair and refit cycle, and sporting the newest Tactical Pod, the Lancelot has been redirected to take command as the lead ship in Task Group Excalibur, a brand new Task Group Hastily Organized and Dispatched in response to the explosion of the Star Hobus and the accompanying reports that the planets Romulus and Remus were destroyed in the explosion. The USS Lancelot and Task Group Excalibur operate primarily in the vicinity of the Romulan Neutral Zone, in response to reports of increased Klingon Hostility towards both Federation and Romulan ships, the Lancelot and Task Group Excalibur stand ready and are capable of responding to the anything that should befall the region.

The Era: The Lancelot will be operating in the Destruction of Romulus era, however, we will be putting our own unique spin on this era.

The Address:

The Contact: Reece Savage, CO <>, Shannon Largent, XO <>

What's Available:

Senior Staff Positions: JAG Officer, Marine Detachment CO

Officer Positions: All Assistant Department Heads

Cadets: Want to play a Cadet on their Cadet cruise prior to fully commissioning? Let us know.

NCO Positions: All Departments.

NOTE: As with any simulation, Available Positions are Subject to Change, please check the website indicated above, to ensure the list here has not changed.


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