USS Discovery

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Every journey begins with a single step.

Will this be yours?

Under the command of Professor Noah Ryan, the Discovery is a training vessel out of Starfleet Academy on Earth. The simm draws inspiration from The Wrath of Khan and TNG "Lower Decks" to craft a game where a ship of inexperienced cadets find out what its like to be in Starfleet outside of the classroom.

And, on a nine month planetary survey mission to just past the Altair System, what could go wrong?

Two generations, one ship. Player characters may choose to from a diverse range of roles: cadets of every year group, enlisted trainees, seasoned warrant officers, senior enlisted instructors, and commissioned officers.

If you can imagine it, we welcome it! Interested applicants need only ask themselves:

* Am I interested in writing a cadet/trainee?

* Am I interested in writing an instructor or counselor?

* Am I interested in writing a medical character?

What will you discover?


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