Skyborn Warriors

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 3-5 per week to Daily
Email: [ok]
Type: Sci Fi, fantasy
Last-Update: 2011Mar03
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, space, rpg, abstract


The Kholara Myendo, a medium sized passenger starliner, found itself under attack by alien raiders. Though successful in thwarting capture the crew and passengers faced imminent death when they were transported very abruptly to the surface of a habitable world. Wounded arrived shortly, unconscious, but their wounds treated (and rapidly healing).

They will soon discover that their new home is inhabited by several alien, human and humanoid races. The technology of the locals ranges from Stone Age to the Middle Ages. Most do not get along with one another or at best tolerate the others. These races will bear strong physical resemblances to races of fantasy lore.

Magic does NOT. Anything which seems like magic will either be psionic or technological.

Players will come from a technology similar to that of the remake of Battlestar Galactica. Mass weaponry as opposed to energy will be familiar to you. Anyone wounded (or dead) will arrive with wounds treated and healing rapidly. Those injured in the worst ways (blown in half) will arrive at a later time. Medical supplies, safe food, limited gear will also arrive along with the crew - about two weeks worth ... but NO advanced weapons. In place of advanced weaponry will be the bows, swords, etc. They will be made from advanced materials, but still primitive.

All crew members will begin understanding the lingua franca of this world immediately. Over a two week period this will reach variable levels of fluency, then stop progressing (somewhat dependent on intelligence and empathy).

Players should be a cut above average humans. They should also be of a good nature, rather than predisposed toward criminal behavior. No cyborgs or aliens. Psionic abilities are acceptable, but not extreme. Character ages should be between 18 and 38 (i.e. up to a 20 year career). Any associated NPC's MUST be pre-approved just like PC's.


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