The Stock Investment Game

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Between 1 and 7 days
Type: Stock Simulation Play By Email Game
Last-Update: 2011Jan08
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, economic


"The Stock Investement Game" is a Play-by-Email Stock Simulation game. Every player starts with 10k USD, but new players are only allowed to join every quarter. This is how the game goes, but firstly I would like all players who would like to join to contact me through my e-mail. I will then send you with all the details.

So, here is how the game goes:

- Every player starts with 10k USD.

- A list of 20 stocks with their prices(with brief financial information) is sent to the players every Saturday night.

- Bidding starts Monday, and ends Friday. A player can buy as many stocks as he wants(as longs as the player can afford them)

- To purchase stocks, a player has to send me an e-mail with the title of "Buying Stocks". In the e-mail, the player is asked to include the name of the company, and the number of stocks the player intends to buy.

- Any bid made any later than Friday will be considered for the next week.

- By Saturday night, the new prices will be sent to all players. In this e-mail, the rankings of the investors will be included.

- Every three months, the overall rankings will be announces. Here are the prizes: 1st place-50k; 2nd place-20k; 3rd place- 10k

*Extra information: - The number of stocks available will be shown. If you have the majority of stocks in a company, I will consult you before allowing a player to purchase stocks.

- In some cases, and as the game grows, players can start their own companies if they control several companies. They can merge companies, or form holding companies(which can be included in the stock market)


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