USS Arizona NCC 77021

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Costs: Free
Frequency: one per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek Simulation
Last-Update: 2011Jan01
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The ship; a Prometheus-class vessel fresh out of dry-dock. Her name; the USS Arizona. Her history; yet to be written.

Join the crew of the USS Arizona as they forge a path through the tangled web of mysteries and intrigue that surround the Romulans and the Neutral Zone that separates them from the their Federation neighbors. Though her missions may be varied in nature, the theme is always the same. Uncover the plots that pervade their area of operation and bring those responsible to justice by whatever means they can.

Having only just arrived in the area near the Neutral Zone, the Arizona is still something of a fresh face to those they will come in contact with. Her crew has only just arrived, their stories yet to unfold before them as they begin new lives aboard what will be their new homes.

Deep in the heart of the ship sits Lieutenant Dravic Rixx, a Chameloid trapped in a world that barely understands him. Lt. Rixx himself fights a constant battle to understand his origins and the abilities he has that remove him from those around him.

Lurking in the shadows of the Intelligence department is Lieutenant Commander Darek Halsey, a man of many faces. His specialty, deep cover operations. His challenge, dealing with the Captain of his new vessel, a man who he has already managed rack up a debt to. Along side Lt. Cmdr. Halsey is First Lieutenant Mike North, a veteran Marine with a long history of service to the Federation as an infiltration specialist.

At the head of the Security department sits Major Anastasia DeVries, a woman of lengthy experience in Starfleet who's past could be said to be far more colorful than those she might one day capture. Though her experience and ability is without doubt, though some of her decisions while she was in command have been questionable, leading to her current assignment with the Arizona. Within Maj. DeVries' department resides a man by the name of Wally Ruiz, a Petty Officer Second Class holding the position of Master-at-Arms. His past is no less checkered than his superiors, though his dedication to his career is anything but questionable.

A step away from the Captain's chair sits Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Mantell, an officer of considerable experience trapped in the body of an adolescent male. He finds himself forever at the mercy of intense scrutiny by those around him who seldom look past the child-like frame. The boy laments his lot in life, never having sought the position he finds himself in now.

And the one responsible for these varied personalities and this ship called Arizona; Captain Nathan Cowell. The Captain is an El-Aurian more than half a millennia old, a veteran of wars since the 1860's on Earth, the planet he called home for so long. His disposition; grumpy. His attitude; curmudgeonly. His dedication to the Federation and those who serve under him; undeniable.

This is the crew that struggles to put an end to the conspiracies and plots that constantly loom over the heads of the innocent simply trying to survive on frontier worlds in an area ripe with a history of tension and hostility. Do you have what it takes to join them?


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