Code Red: Lost Ages

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Type: science fiction, action, mystery
Last-Update: 2010Dec11
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, space, modern, rpg, abstract


On a world rebuilding itself from a long, bloody war, men and women are taking to the abyss of space and time. With a madman and a betrayed AI on the loose, things are quickly turning grim for the officers of the Vinca Union. In the uncomfortable silence to follow, chaos breeds itself within the very tendrils of time itself, preparing to engulf the world in another war.

Standing between the world and the dark abyss beyond is the VSNS Golden Gryphon (Griffin), a space station that houses thousands of officers working around the clock to protect the planet, Drakor, from annihilation. But they are merely the tip of the iceberg, for inside the deepest depths of the station lies a terrifying device that can alter time... For better or for worse.

Be a part of the Vincan Space Navy and work as a full-time officer aboard the station, or be a captain of your own ship or fleet! If space isn't your cup of tea, join the time travelers who work to explore and prevent disruptions to the fabric of time... Whatever you choose, your fate will be your own.

Site Rating: Peggi 15 (PG-13)

Activity Level: Slow, but paced. Posting will range from a few times each day to three or four times each week.

Roleplay Type: Message Board, On-site Chatroom, Email -- several different ways to roleplay with us!

Open Since: First season Lost Ages began in June 27, 2007. There were a few stops and gos, but second season Lost Ages began approximately September 13, 2009.

Number of Players: 4 full-time currently. 2 part-time.

(Also see for additional information and a simplified method of joining)


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