One-on-one gaming (or a small group)?

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Frequency: 1-3 / week
Type: Open
Last-Update: 2010Nov25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, space, modern, rpg, abstract


Where to start? I'll try to put everything in a nutshell. I haven't been playing pbem-games for a while (in years). I'm a dedicated player, as much as so that I have ended up running several games after the GM has dropped out for one reason or another. I can sometimes (because of work) post only during weekends, or 2-3 times a week, which can also be good news, since usually with more than a few players, it's impossible to post more without leaving someone behind. My posts are more than a single sentence, without exceptions. If your game has more than ten players, it is not what I'm looking for. Nothing with admins, fleets or similar. My characters resemble real people with real personalities, skills and faults. Story, interaction with characters and the gameworld plus developing my own character are close to my heart.

Have an idea for a game (or a character) and looking for a GM? Depending on ideas, I'm ready to try it out. One on one games are something I have never tried before (successfully) and would be interested to do so. Send a character idea or idea for the game setting and we'll work from there. If we do not meet at halfway and one way or the other walk different ways, it's ok. It can be freeform (more or less), a GM run story, or even dice-based (this slows games down, in my experience). It can be a new game starting up or one that's been there for a while. So, all you people who took the time to read my chanting (ranting), feel free to throw suggestions, death treats or the usual stuff to my email address...

Thanks, Morro


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Greg Lindahl