Isolation Ending

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Costs: £2.00 start up (rulebook and starting turn) and first turn.Other turns £1.50 each
Frequency: Every two to three weeks.
Type: Future Rulership
Last-Update: 2010Nov11
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, snail, human, space, rpg


After the last great conflict that came to be known as the War of Deconstruction, nations through exaustion, fear or paranoia closed their borders to all save their own. Time passed as time does and now tentative contact is again being made. On the Island now known as United Angleland, you stand as one of the Kings chosen Governer Generals. Enpowered to run a county or two in his name, excepting the Kings occassional command you have total authority over your populace.

Players can play as seriously or as tongue in cheek as they please. Turns are processed individually though contact both in and out of game with other players is encouraged.As is conspiracy and plotting.

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