Olympia Game 3

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Costs: free (open source)
Frequency: one per week
Email: c@dvdc.be
URL: http://olympia.v-labs.be/g3/ [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy wargame
Last-Update: 2010Aug22
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, computer, fantasy, wargame, rpg, opensource


The original developper Rick Skrenta made the code open source in 2009. Thank you, Rich!

We are relaunching, as a service to the community, a new version of this old pbem jewel.

Olympia ran for several years back in the days, with 2 open ended games (which lasted more than 200 turns).

The game is intended for 150-200 players.

A new website and forum is available and a team of GMs (who are all close friends in real life) are taking charge of the engine.

The game gave birth to the Atlantis pbem, which will might ring a bell.

Olympia is a fantasy wargame with a lot of diplomacy possibilities.

The game is open ended so everyone can choice his own direction.

Feel free to take a look, the game is free after all (it's open source).


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