Transsonia Galactica

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Costs: free
Frequency: depends
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Space RPG strategy
Last-Update: 2010Aug21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Mankind left his cradle and reached for the stars. A few large colonies and some smaller ones were created. The Terran Empire was created and ruled for 120 years. Then the improved colonies called for independence. This was the start of the Libertian War, wich lasted 14 years and took millions of lives. After the Statement of Retribution, in wich the rebel colonies declared to attack earth with nuclear arms, the Terran Empire almost succeeded in wiping out the resistance. But the defense net failed to counter a desperate strike of the rebels and nukes rained down on Earth, killing countless lives and causing a nuclear winter wich lasted 3 years. The Terran Empire called for a cease-fire. Shortly after, the colonies were given total indepence. It has been 25 years ago that the war ended, new generations are ready to take their part in the galaxy.

The idea is a mixture of strategy and RPG *pick a human tribe as background from your character...or create a new one. *become a ruler or take a role as captain, trader, farmer, medic, soldier...or whatever profession you like! *Start from scratch, take a job, borrow money and do something! *anything that is plausible, can be added. New ideas welcome *no superpowers, this is a scifi game *you can die if you really take dangerous actions...part of the fun *Game master can use dices...but sometimes, they don't. Pray for a good mood! *No porn or faul language allowed


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