Starbase Redemption

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Originally established as a forward logistics and supply base over Galen, the shifting of the Valoris Nebula and subsequent tensions over territorial assertions by both the Federation and Breen have both lessened the tactical priority of Galen and increased the importance of Tyr. Following the establishment of Starbase 72, Roosevelt Station, and the border monitoring outposts under their control, Task Force 72 Command Headquarters began looking to the vast unprotected regions near the Ferengi and Cardassian borders. Realizing that a Starfleet presence was necessary as a deterrent for smugglers and dissidents traversing the border and with the calls for protection from the Tyr Federation Protectorate, Starfleet Command made the decision to relocate Starbase Redemption to Tyr.

In addition to providing protection for the Protectorate of Tyr and its surrounding space, Starfleet Command decided to address a separate issue with Starbase Redemption. With the intensity of the border conflict growing and the displacement of several worlds across territorial borders, the situation was ripe for crime and violence to spread. While Starfleet was able to address the issue, it would be necessary to have a place to house, interrogate,and where applicable, rehabilitate those arrested and detained. It was to this end that Commodore Gabriel West was elected as the new Commanding Officer of Starbase Redemption. Although partially serving in a somewhat diminished capacity comparable to most major starbases, Starbase Redemption excels at its primary purpose: to act as a correctional facility. With an established background in the Penal System as CO of the USS Hale, Commodore West is uniquely qualified to oversee the operations of the Penal block of Starbase Redemption. In addition to housing some of the region's most violent offenders, Redemption also houses facilities for the criminally insane, and maintains a unique counseling unit dedicated to the treatment of post-traumatic stress as experienced by many of the region's residents torn between the Federation and the Breen in the conflict. The Station's primary support vessel is the USS Hale - specifically designed as a prisoner transport - to be reassigned after it is salvaged from the Breen attack rendering it inoperable. Starbase Redemption will also have one Wallace Class Starship named the USS Pusser and a Defiant Class named the USS Marshall.


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