Per Annum: The Circle of Time

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Costs: N/A
Frequency: once per week - minimum
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Type: fantasy, medieval, science fiction, modern
Last-Update: 2010Jul03
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, space, modern, historical, wargame, rpg, abstract


'Per Annum' is a phrase that means 'each year'. It is so named after the roman goddess Anna Perenna, who controlled the circle of time itself, whose stretch reaches as far as a small planet in the Pinwheel Galaxy...

This new world is host to a race called 'furre'. A global flood destroyed much of their home, leaving them to fend for themselves in a network of underground caverns mysteriously built there long ago.

Elsewhere, on Earth, families and individuals say goodbye to friends and relatives on the planet as they prepare to take off on a voyage through the stars to colonize a small world: Gliese 581 e. This would be the last time they see Earth before they encounter an unstable wormhole... and then they awaken to find themselves among unfamiliar stars.

These two worlds - human and furre - will eventually meet, but much will happen beforehand... and this is where much of written history itself begins.


Per Annum is part of an ever-changing continuity that is affected by players' decisions. After years of developing the continuity through roleplay, points of history were established that remain unchanged -- yet there is still much of our history to be made, something only the players themselves can create.

Each character in the many series of games Code Red has enjoyed has had an important, even integral part in the overall storyline. But here in Per Annum, players will have a chance to decide whether or not their characters will want to help fashion history or just ride along with it.

Be anything you wish to be: an authoritarian leader, a benign diplomat, a cunning assassin, or just another citizen trying to get by in a constantly changing world in which history is being made by the doers... even the lowliest fishermen have some effect on the world - through unification of workers to oppose the higher castes or a romantic drama that may lead to children, and the continuation of the family line.

Anyone can make a name for themselves. But it's the truly illustrious that will make history theirs.


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