By Dawn's Early Light

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Type: Alternate History
Last-Update: 2010May23
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


It is 2000. The United States is in a state of economic and cultural turmoil. The crime rate is high and immorality is sweeping the nation. American morale has been weakened by a corrupt president, and an economy virtually destroyed by an economic depression. In the midst of this crisis, a powerful televangelist forms a political party called the True America Party. He promises salvation for the American people and a return to Christian ideals.

A weakened America responds instantly to this guy. When the 1996 election comes around, he is elected president of the United States in a landslide. And he immediately gets to work reshaping the country. But not all the American people believe this guy is going to shape this country. Some Americans believes there is something sinister to the evangelist's agenda. And they must find out what that is, as the nation may be in grave danger. But the American people are totally behind the evangelist, and those who are opposed to the evangelist are being pursued by the evangelist. But these people aren't afraid and are determined to fight the religious government. They form an underground Resistance group led by a young Irish-American woman has to fight the evangelist. Meanwhile the United States undergoes a dramatic change as a religious government takes hold. Seperation of church and state is a thing of the past.

America becomes a religious police state. All major religions are destroyed or sent into exile. A State Church comes into existence. The country is split into small kingdoms, principalities, autonomous city-states, and anarchic free territories, some controlled by or allied with the religious government, others not. The Constitution no longer applies and a United States Government-In-Exile is formed abroad. It seems that America no longer exists as she once did. But the Resistance is ready to take back the country. And they have some rather unlikely allies helping them. A Christian religious cult, the Circle Of Light and Truth, led by a crazy Catholic priest, and a source of FBI scutiny from time to time, the Wolves, a powerful LA street gang with nationwide connections, and the Lombardi Crime Family. The Angels, a mercenary Air Force unit of F-16's, F-18's, F-117A Stealth Fighters, B-1B bombers, B-52's, B-2 Stealth Bombers, and A-10 attack planes rounds out the Resistance. The Resistance is also aided by The Fifth Column, a group of people within the religious government that are opposed to what the new President is doing.

Join the Resistance as they fight against America's religious government and struggle to keep the hope of freedom alive. You can play as a member of the following groups:

1. The Resistance-all positions open 2. The Religious Government-its administration or the paramilitary force-all positions open

3. Collaborator with the Religious Goverment 4. Fifth Columnist 5. Ally of the Resistance 6. Ally of the Religious Government 7. Member of the United States Government-In-Exile

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